Shooting Games ../ - en-us Thing Thing 4 ../game/26/Thing-Thing-4.html Action side-scrolling shooter with many elements like tons of weapons, enemies, achievements, and other challenges. The Last Stand 2 ../game/25/The-Last-Stand-2.html The zombies are back and stronger then ever. Shoot down all zombies that stand in your way to Union City. Sift Heads 5 ../game/24/Sift-Heads-5.html Vinnie is back with more vengeance then ever. 20 new missions, sniper missions, character interaction, custom clothes, bonus cheats and more. The best Sift Heads game yet. More Mindless Violence ../game/23/More-Mindless-Violence.html Kill the little bugs with a multitude of weapons. Reload your weapons when no bugs are attacking or you will be overcome by the bugs. Modern Sniper ../game/22/Modern-Sniper.html This is a cartoon puzzle sniper game. Figure out how to complete missions with minimal instructions. Anaksha Female Assassin ../game/21/Anaksha-Female-Assassin.html The female assassin that will bring justice to the people. Use your sniper skills to kill all those assigned. Great sniper game with killer graphics. Clear Vision 2 ../game/20/Clear-Vision-2.html Jake is back to his old ways. Complete random sniper missions and shoot down anyone who stands in your way. Bloodshot ../game/19/Bloodshot.html This is a cool black and white, hand drawn sniper game with multiple ways to complete the missions. Black Sheep Acres ../game/18/Black-Sheep-Acres.html Evil animals are attacking your stronghold and shooting poopy at you. Gun them down or become overrun. Armored Fighter ../game/17/Armored-Fighter.html You are a mech robot, and you must shoot all that attack you. There are many gun upgrades and many possible kits to use. Alien Slayer 3D ../game/16/Alien-Slayer-3D.html Destroy all alien scum in this cool 3D game. Find weapons, shoot the aliens, and explore to find keys. Alien Carnage ../game/15/Alien-Carnage.html Aliens have taken over your ship and your the only one left. Learn new tactics to take down your enemies and learn to use your guns effectively. SWAT 3 Recon ../game/14/SWAT-3-Recon.html Swat 3 Recon includes new 3D levels, 15 guns, and new enemy AI. This game is an epic stick shooting game. Friendly Fire ../game/13/Friendly-Fire.html Shoot all of the cuddly things and collect the brains and body parts. your mustache is for style only. Absolute Madness ../game/12/Absolute-Madness.html Somewhere in Nevada you will find there is no meaning to madness. Fight your way through almost endless waves of madness men, zombies, and bosses.